When Can I Apply for A Pre-settlement Cash Advance?

Fast Funds, Inc. is often asked, “How soon after my accident can I apply for a pre-settlement loan?”  We can advance funds as soon as we have received a report on how the accident occurred and also a medical report indicating the initial diagnosis and causation of the injuries.  This typically can take up to one month unless there is surgery or a recommendation for surgery immediately after the accident.  And, of course, you must be represented by an attorney.

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NOTE: The term "loan" or "loans," where used to describe lawsuit funding is not an accurate legal or financial definition of the transaction. IT IS NOT A LOAN. The transaction is a non-recourse purchase of a portion of the proceeds of a potential future case award or settlement. A loan is a transaction that always requires repayment. Our lawsuit funding only requires repayment if the plaintiff receives a favorable cash settlement award. If the plaintiff loses their case, they do not repay anything.